Craft Clips

    • Multi-purpose clips similar to wonder clips. These are ideal for all types of sewing and crafting jobs. Can be used for seams, hems, quilt bindings, piping, crochet squares and positioning patterns. 
    • The transparent base has SEAM MARKINGS so you can accurately measure seams from the edge of the fabric. The FLAT BASE also allows easy feeding up to the presser foot and makes them less bulky on a flat surface. 
    • They OPEN WIDE and can hold 1/2″ of fabric or work surface material. They are very DURABLE and have a strong hinge mechanism. The STRONG CLAMPING ABILITY means they will securely hold everything in position and the ridged grip surface WILL NOT DAMAGE or leave any marks 
    • Unlike pins, our Craft Clips will not leave holes or damage materials such as vinyl or leather. Using a clamp mechanism, means MULTIPLE LAYERS OF FABRIC CAN BE HELD TOGETHER and will not cause your fabric to distort or pucker. Pins can’t work on thick layers of fabric and will bend and cause puckering. 
    • Our Craft Clips come packaged in a reusable plastic jar with a screw on lid, making storage easy and very accessible. Each jar contains 75 yellow Craft Clips. We are so sure you will love our Craft Clips that we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


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